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Delivering Solar Solutions in Ireland since 2005

100% Irish Owned Company
We design a range of systems for domestic, industrial and commercial projects. Member of ESB and Safe Electric.
Registered SEAI company.

As one of the longest provider of PV solar in Ireland, since 2005, we have delivered over

Commercial and Domestic Solar projects
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Who we are

Wyse Solar Ireland. Delivering Solar Solutions in Ireland since 2005.

Originally set up in 1993, Wyse Solar Solutions specialises in the supply and installation of photovoltaics (PV) Solar Panels. We design a range of systems for domestic, industrial and commercial projects.

We are accredited to ESB and Safe Electric. We are a Registered SEAI company. Our portfolio is extensive and one of the largest in Ireland. With the addition of the ability to store this renewable energy, Wyse Solar are in the perfect position to offer their customers a complete solution.

Renewable Energy

Accreditation by ESB & Safe Electric
Registered SEAI company.


Accreditation by ESB & Safe Electric
Registered SEAI company.

Members of MREF

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What type of solar options are available?

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Pitched roof installations

The most common type of solar panel installation seen in residential solar systems, the pitched roof mounting option means installing panels on non-flat (or angled) roofs.

In-Roof Installations

In-roof installations allow the solar panels to be mounted as part of the roof structure, similar to a velux window. Solar tiles are also an option for a domestic roof, replacing the existing tiles.

Ground Mounted systems

Ground mount P.V systems are usually employed if there is no roof space or not enough area to mount a system or alternatively if you have a large ground area you want to maximise.

Tracker Systems

Tracker systems are employed when there is a limited amount of space and you need to maximise your output. A tracker system will produce on average 45% more output than a stationary system pointing due south.

Industrial Installations

The majority of commercial buildings have a roof area not being used. By installing a P.V system you can reduce your electrical demands and avail of a number of grants making the system very cost effective.

Farm Installations

Dairy farms are the ideal situation to install solar P.V. The renewable power supplies the milking machines, and while the demand is low the electricity is diverted into the hot water tank for usage during milking also.
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