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Our commercial team have delivered solar projects across the public sector, the private sector as well as for schools, universities, multi-national companies and small farms.

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Featured Projects

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With clients such as UCD, Trinity College Dublin and UCC, Wyse Solar have installed solar systems in universities across Ireland.


Wyse Solar has successfully integrated solar systems into various schools throughout Ireland. Explore the comprehensive list of installations and discover testimonials by clicking here.

Community Facilities

Wyse Solar has effectively incorporated solar systems into community facilities across Ireland. Delve into the extensive list of installations and explore testimonials by clicking here.

Primary Care Centers

Wyse Solar has seamlessly integrated solar systems into primary care centers across Ireland. Explore the detailed list of installations and access testimonials by clicking here.


Commercial establishments across Ireland have embraced solar systems. Discover the comprehensive list of installations and browse through testimonials by clicking here.

City Councils

City Councils across Ireland have embraced solar systems, contributing to sustainable energy practices. Explore the detailed list of installations and testimonials by clicking here.
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University Projects

  • Grangegorman (2016)
  • Trinity College Dublin (2009)
  • University College Cork (2011)
  • University College Dublin 114 Kwp (2015)