Non-Domestic Micro Generation

The non-domestic micro generation grant is for solar PV in businesses, farms, schools, community centres, or other non-profit organisations.

Why install solar panels at your premises ?

Your business, school, club, University or even community center could save up to €5,100 on installation and avail of grants scaling up to a maximum €162,600 for larger projects using the govenrment’s non-domestic micro generation project. 

Reduce your overheads

Installing Solar Panels can reduce your electricity bills by as much as 70% depending on usage.

Avail of Government Grants

Government financial assistance in the form of grants are available up to €162,600.

Become energy Independent

Generate your own power so your business in not reliant on the vagaries of the energy markets.

Help the Environment

Solar power is a clean energy enabling your business to reduce its carbon footprint.

Why chose Wyse Solar?

We provide your business with a free quote and also assist you with the grant application process. We are accredited by the SEAI, ESB and Safe Electric and our commercial portfolio is extensive.

Trusted by Government Authorities, Universities, schools, City Councils and the largest construction companies in Ireland. We have delivered solar solutions across a broad range of commercial and non-profit operations.  

Get a free Quote - with no obligation

Is my business premises suitable for a Solar Power System?

To find out if Solar Panels will work for your office block, commercial building, warehouse or commercial land, simply send us your details and your Eircode. We will take it from there.

How it works

How do I install solar panels?

Just follow a few simple steps to installing a solar solution for your business.

Get a Free Consultation

Contact us today and to start the process. With your name, email and EIRCODE, we can remotely view your premises using satellite images.

Conduct an on-site Analysis

We conduct an on-site review of your premises and discuss your requirements.

Design a Solar Solution

Taking all the information we have gathered, our team of experts will design a solar Solution for your business and present with a quotation.

Install and Maintain

If you wish to proceed, We install the system, whlie also managing your grant applications with you. .


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