We are a professional team of Solar Panel experts delivering Solar Solutions in Ireland since 2005.
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Who we are

We deliver Solar Solutions for residential and commercial properties.

Wyse Solar Solutions was created in 2005 as a separate entity of Wyse Electrics limited, (founded in 1989) which up to this time were specialising in domestic and commercial electrical contracting.

During this period the directors of Wyse Electrics Ltd, Anthony Pryce and Colm Buggle had embraced renewable technology and in particular photovoltaic systems. Due to the increasing interest in this field the Directors felt that a separate entity or division under the guidance of Anthony Pryce would address this newfound demand.

Eighteen years later and the company has gone from strength to strength, underlined by the involvement of the company in many groundbreaking projects.

In the interim another division for electric vehicle charging was set up in 2016 to again address the emerging interest in electric vehicles.

Throughout the intervening period, the directors have strived to keep the core values of the company to the fore, that being personal service, value, and integrity. We are looking forward to the next thirty-four years and helping many more customers.

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Renewable Energy

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Our Value

Reasons for choosing us

We have the largest number of installations of Photovoltaic (PV) systems in Ireland. We have worked with some of the best known brands in Ireland accross multiple industry sectors. 

We are experienced

30 years experience, we are proud to have the largest number of installations of Photovoltaic systems in Ireland.

We are innovative

The first Company to be involved with generating grid connectivity.

We are the first Company design and install of a revolutionary energy analyser diverting excess electricity generated to heat water.

The first Company to have practical experience in Ireland of solar water and electricity systems, thus allowing us to design a detailed energy analysis of each particular installation.

We are accredited

We are fully insured and accredited to the ESB and SAFE electric. Registered SEAI company.

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