How to use the power of the sun to charge your electric vehicle (EV).

We know that electric vehicles (EVs) are environmentally friendly because pure electric vehicles produce no exhaust emissions that harm the atmosphere. However, to charge your EV, the electricity must be generated from somewhere and as recently as 2019, 87% of Irelands power generated from the national grid was from Fossil fuels.

This means that ultimately, charging your EV was depending on Fossil Fuel consumption in some way. An alternative solution is to charge your EV from the power generated from your own Solar Panels. This is achievable, (even in Ireland!) and it is both environmentally friendly and cost efficient.

How can I charge my EV using Solar Panels?

To efficiently charge an EV using solar panels, you simply install a home charging unit and a PV inverter unit that converts the solar energy into DC current for the vehicle. The Solar panels generate power from the sun and an inverter allows you to use this power to charge your EV.

When the sun shines the solar panels start to generate electricity, this goes firstly to your house or building’s electricity supply and feeds anything that is using electricity at that time. However, if the solar panels start to produce more electricity than is required, the excess goes onto the grid which at present you do not get paid for. This is where domestic Solar panels and electric vehicles are a perfect match.

When you install a solar energy system on your home, you can use it to both power your home and charge your electric car for emissions-free transportation.

How many solar panels would I need to charge my EV?

Even a small solar panel array with only 8 solar panels can provide enough power to charge your vehicle’s battery over a period of time. Before you can make a decision on the size of your solar energy system, you need to determine how much electricity your car will use in the future. In addition, to helping you size your solar energy system, knowing your electric car’s mileage rating can help you quantify the amount that you’re saving by switching to an electric vehicle.

See this video explainer on EV charging:

Is there enough sun in Ireland?

In short, yes.

In short, yes. In Ireland, the average driver travels 29 miles per day. This equates to about 10 kWh of electricity necessary and this could be generated by approximately 8 to10 solar panels. Since most solar panel systems consist of between 8 to 12 solar panels, it is realistic for prospective solar panel owners and EV owners. Once you know fuel economy for your EV, you can easily calculate how much extra solar electricity you’ll need to charge your car.

Once you know this, you can speak with one of our consultants who can advise on the design of a solar panel system that will generate sufficient power to cover both your home and your electric car.

What does this cost? Are grants available?

Depending on which EV charging system you choose, prices range from a thousand Euro for the basic 3kW systems and rising to €1,400+ for more advanced, load balanced 7kw units.

Solar panels can be expensive, too. A 2.2kW system with six panels taking up eleven square metres costs between €4,600 and €5,300 with larger systems costing more.

However, Grants are available for solar Panel installation and for Car Charging installation. See details on our Grants pages here:

How you can make even more savings ….

Currently, at Wyse Solar, we are offering a free car charger with certain Solar PV installations

As we have been installing Solar PV systems around Ireland for 20 years, for a limited time, we are offering a free Zappi car charger with every Solar PV and battery installation. That equates to a saving of almost €900 on top of the SEAI grants.

With a Solar PV system and Zappi charger we install, you can use any excess electricity from a solar PV system to charge your EV or, better still, program the charger to avail of the cheaper night time electricity to charge the car.

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