February 17, 2022

Solar PV and EV Grants – What grants are available in Ireland, how much and how do I apply?

Solar PV and EV Grants  What grants are available in Ireland, how much and how do I apply? Electric Vehicles What is available? A private EV owner can apply for a grant of up to €600 against the cost of installing a home charger. The scheme is run by the Government through the SEAI. Are there conditions attached? There are some conditions but none too onerous. We can help you through the process if you have any concerns about it. The main eligibility criteria are that: – You must have bought the vehicle after January 1st 2018 – You must […]
January 21, 2022

How to use the power of the sun to charge your electric vehicle (EV).

We know that electric vehicles (EVs) are environmentally friendly because pure electric vehicles produce no exhaust emissions that harm the atmosphere. However, to charge your EV, the electricity must be generated from somewhere and as recently as 2019, 87% of Irelands power generated from the national grid was from Fossil fuels. This means that ultimately, charging your EV was depending on Fossil Fuel consumption in some way. An alternative solution is to charge your EV from the power generated from your own Solar Panels. This is achievable, (even in Ireland!) and it is both environmentally friendly and cost efficient. How […]
December 21, 2021

Wyse Solar launches new Car Charging Offering

Wyse Solar Solutions and our sister business Wyse Electrics Ltd have been operating in Ireland for over 30 years. The journey taken so far has seen Wyse Solar Solutions involved with remarkable renewable projects such as the Green Building in Temple Bar in the 90’s to the largest solar carport at Ryanair HQ, 50 Kw of solar power with eight car charging points in 2020 as well as over 1,200 homes around Ireland. Supply and Install. In 2020, (right in the middle of a pandemic!), we launched our new EV car charging solution for both commercial and domestic users. Due […]
May 4, 2018

Glanbia commence Countrywide installation of E.V charger points

Glanbia, one of Ireland’s largest multinational Companies have engaged Wyse solar solutions to commence the supply and installation of Industrial E.V points at a number of their Irish facilities. https://www.carchargers.ie/ To date their head offices at Kilkenny and in Dublin have been completed. The units chosen were duel 7.4 Kwp E.V box systems with full back office support allowing for monitoring and usage included. It is hoped the next number of installations will incorporate excess power generated from P.V systems will be diverted to the E.V chargers.